Saturday, 20 October 2012

Quest for the Holy Grail part 2 - croc finish

Part two of my "quest" to use a-england's now retired shade of Holy Grail is a mission in itself.  

I have never blogged about Barry M Black Croc, it is an effect which left me gasping the very first time I used it.  Then never again have I managed to get the same effect.  I recently figured that I was over generous in my application, so this time I used a sparing layer on each nail.  As croc finishes - like shatters - are unpredictable in their outcome I like them even less than stamping.  At least with stamping I can see the image before I put it on my nail.  Also the staying power of the croc effect is surprising. I have had to use the "foil technique" to remove previous attempts at crockling.

So for today's post I used PVA glue base topped with one coat of Holy Grail, a layer of croc effect and topped with Seche.  At least this one wouldn't need to be soaked off.

The next part of my mission was to take a photo... easier said than done as the focus was just not happening.

This one was too much temptation and it's been peeled off within an hour (my right hand had something very strange happen, I don't know what was to blame if it was the glue, the shatter or the seche, but it clouded after being exposed to heat when I put something in the oven.) So I guess now it's time to conjour another Holy Grail post ready for tomorrow ;)


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    1. Jazz I'm so sorry I hit the wrong button and it deleted your comment. I have never been able to capture this finish, dunno why it is but the focus just isn't there for me.


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