Monday, 22 October 2012

Quest for the Holy Grail part 3 - Saran Wrap

Saran Wrap manis seem to allude me.  I have tried - and failed on three occasions.  One of these I have previously posted here.

Today's Holy Grail was to try and acheive a reasonable one and to use a-england's Holy Grail at the same time.  I started of with a base of 2x Nail Envy, added 1x Holy Grail and then sponged OPIs Rally Pretty Pink over the top for some added warmth.

I got this picture after the sponging (no clean up at this stage as more polish yet to come, still got the chesty cough so avoiding acetone as much as possible) 

If the cling film / saran wrap had failed me, this is where today's post would end.  I opted for OPIs Royal Rajah Ruby as my top colour to be dabbed at with the cling film (Tesco value range of cling film which is pure shite to use as it loves clinging to itself making it useless to cover food with, but ideal for this technique.)  Somehow the Polish Gods were smiling at me and the finished result was this.

Again I have to put a disclaimer at how messy my fingers are, but as I have been saying I'm ill for 12days this is the reason.  

These could be Halloween nails as the red looks so much like blood splatters IRL.

I seem to have managed it on this occasion, will have to try again soon with other colours :)


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    1. thanks, I've tried it again once since but I'm still not sure....

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    1. thanks - you were up early (or perhaps a late night?) when you posted this comment, you'll be about six hours behind us?


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