Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Quest for the Holy Grail part 4 - Fishtail Fail

The next polish "holy grail" is something I have seen on tutorial posts looking so simple, but I haven't attempted as I didn't think it would work out right on my short nails.  

I decided to use a-england's Holy Grail, Tristam and Galahad to create a fish tail accent on this hand as the original accent nail had an accident....
The accent nail on this hand was originally a-england's Avalon topped with Fantasy Fire, but then along came a tea pot and killed it.

To say my first attempt was a disaster is something of an understatement.  So I thought sod it and did the rest of my left hand.  Then I reached for the acetone.  To be fair the fifth one was better than the first one, but none of them were pleasing.  It doesn't help that I love tape manis and crisp lines.

Any way here's the attempts I made, no clean up as it was just about to be cleaned off.

For now this is one Holy Grail which will remain... I may try it again someday but I'm not holding much hope. Nail Fail!


  1. Fish tails are hard. I tried 1 a while ago (it's on my blog) and for my 1st attempt it was ok. Tried it again the other night with various pinks but they're no contrasting enough xo

    1. I just took a look at your first attempt, looks great but you have a longer nail and better canvas, so I come back to my earlier comment in the post as to why I've never done them: my nails are too short (and I'm sticking with that excuse lol!)


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